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Hello and welcome to my website. I announce you that a webinar unique and completely free, to help you save your couple and to revive the flame, is in preparation for this weekend. Join me Sunday, July 23 at 18:00 (France time) and 12:00 (Quebec time) for a conference on the internet dedicated to how to find happiness in his relationship when it crosses a turbulent area.

No need to move because you can attend this coaching workshop directly from your living room, your room or the place you want because you just need a simple internet connection and a smartphone, a tablet or 'a computer. To reserve your place just click here:

FREE webinar registration "How to save your couple steps by stages?"

By cons, I must limit the number of participants to avoid the server to be overloaded, and you are more than 35 000 people to visit my site every day, so do not lose a moment!

Couples life is not a long calm river and sometimes you have to face the many crises and disputes that come to ruin your beautiful story. How to make his couple survive the different events? What are the solutions to improve your relationship without following the bad advice of your loved ones? How to fuel the flame and defeat the routine to develop your confidence in the couple?

I will answer these questions to avoid the slightest problem of couple and all your questions next Sunday since I foresee an interactive part "Questions / Answers".

So do not hesitate to register to better understand your partner and learn more about the relationships between men and women.

Who is the conference aimed at to save his couple?

Do you find yourself among these situations?

- Has your partner just announced the break or is he / she seriously considering it?
- Does your couple have recurring problems?
- Looking for a solution to solidify your relationship?
- Are you jealous or emotionally dependent and you know that endangers your story?
- Do you want to improve your life as a couple to revive the flame as in the beginning of your story?

If yes then immediately click on the link for registration. I will give you the solutions to find serene relationships, to reduce crises in your relationship and finally to lay the foundations of a reconstruction for your couple including after a painful emotional break.

Why do you have to question yourself in your relationship?

In the collective consciousness, love is self-fueling and a couple is made to last. Unfortunately, this is a serious mistake and nothing is ever gained, even more in love. So today I invite you to join me for this webinar to save his couple during which we will see together "Why and how to question oneself in one's relationship?" I will help you better understand your partner, to adapt your behavior to his needs but also to express your desires to improve your development in the relationship.

To question yourself in your relationship and more generally in his social relations is a necessity at the moment in order to interpret the human relations and the differences that exist between you and your partner. It should be known that 50% of marriages end in divorces and more than half of the separations are realized in the first three years.

And it's not just a question of incomprehension between men and women because I also accompany homosexual couples who have exactly the same problems! So I suggest that we go even further during this unique event to save his romantic relationship to ask "how can you be happy in your story while remaining yourself?"

Save a couple, is it possible when there are no more feelings?

During this online conference I will focus on helping you strengthen your relationship if you encounter recurring difficulties. For the most dramatic situations we will discuss together the tools to save your story including when your partner announces you no longer have feelings.

There are some tips and actions that you absolutely need to do that are also against the advice your loved ones can give you. They are simply unknown to the collective consciousness and yet these notions can change everything!

If you do not react now, you will run straight for bigger problems. Never let a situation wither without trying to change your behavior. I know it's not easy to question but this conference will tell you how you can take control of your destiny to get the sentimental life of your dreams.

I count on your presence next Sunday! Do not forget to prepare your questions because I will be happy to answer them personally and live. To participate in the conference online, you need internet access and register here:

I want to participate in the webinar "the advice of Alexandre Cormont to save his couple"

See you on Sunday !


Alexandre CORMONT, your love coach to save his couple!